About MYVML train

The vision of the VML method is to enable every family, therapist or child the knowledge of the system. This type of knowledge is usually being taught in small training classes for therapists. The VML method targets other populations on top of speech therapists. Based on our experience over the years, other allied health professions, educators, other therapists and parents can make a useful use of the knowledge. In order to reach those millions of potential beneficiaries of the VML knowledge, these trainings are not enough. We had to find additional way to spread the knowledge.

The MYVML Train platform is training system for the VML method knowledge. The brand MYVML means placing the VML method in the clients home or clinic for maximal feasibility. This platform enables speech therapists, parents and other therapists a quick, professional, organised and cheap access the speech therapy knowledge for the treatment of Apraxia of speech.


The MYVML training platform consist of 80 single lessons divided into 6 sections:

  1. Theoretical background – this section includes lessons regarding the theory behind the speech process and treatment. This section is free.

  2. Evaluation – this section includes lessons to teach the evaluation process of motor speech deficit. These lessons will help you understand the data collections process and the importance of the different process facets.

  3. Manual techniques – this section contains lessons for each treatment topic. These lessons teach manual techniques using text, assignments, exercises and teaching video in which you can find the techniques filmed. This section contains the hands-on knowledge of the VML method.

  4. Analysis – this section teaches the analysis process of the VML method which is the basis for the MYVML evaluate program. The analysis lesson can be taken only in the full training option and not as a single lesson.

  5. Motor learning principles (MLP)- this section contains the heart of the VML method thinking and practicing knowledge. Though not being seen in the front of the practice, the MLP are crucial in the decision making process through-out the treatment. This section teaches the use of the MLP in the speech treatment using theoretical background, examples, exercises, analysing videos and more. If you really want to master the speech treatment you have to master MLP.   

  6. Special teaching principles (STP) – this section contains various teaching principles which are not specific to speech but crucial in the speech treatment. These principles and their specific practice within the speech treatment are the basis for the use of the analysis process, manual techniques and MLP. The treatment starts with the STP. It is highly recommended for everybody but specially parents, to master the STP at the beginning of the speech treatment journey.


There are three ways of using the MYVML train platform:

  1. Single lessons – in this way you can choose a single lesson based on your needs. A single lesson topic might be the vowel /a/ techniques, the consonant /n/ techniques, multisyllabic combinations techniques or breathing control techniques.  Taking single lessons will not provide you with a certificate as VML practitioner. In addition you are not required to take a test and you are not followed by VML specialists. The price for each lesson gives you credit for 30 days of accessing the lesson materials. The prices per lesson subscription vary between 15-30 USD.

  2. Sections – a section is a group of single lessons by category – background theory, techniques, evaluation, motor learning principles and teaching techniques. Purchasing a section is cheaper than all the single lessons in the group separately. It is more convenient for you to purchase a whole section. The subscription for a bundle lasts 6 months.

  3. Certified therapist course (not available yet) – the MYVML platform enable you to study the full VML method online and get certification as online VML therapists. In this course the student is required to take a test per each lesson, submit exercises and assignments and follow all the requirements of the training. This course is not open for everyone; the student will need to get approval for enrolling into this training. Every student is being guided by a VML specialist while getting feedback and support along the training.    


The lessons consist of broad practical and theoretical knowledge. Since it is an online environment, the responsibility for acquiring the whole length of the knowledge is yours solely. Please go through all the materials, watch all the videos carefully few times, practice all the exercises with maximal engagement and do all the assignments. This way of learning will assure effective learning of the VML knowledge.


The MYVML Train platform collaborates with the MYVML Evaluate platform. In the evaluation platform you will gain a professional treatment program based on the speech data you will enter into the platform. The treatment program will include topics and exercises to practice. If you want to learn each topic in depth, theoretically and practically, it is highly advised for you to take the single relevant lessons from the MYVML train platform.


The MYVML train platform is renewing and growing. The existing lessons are being modified and changed with the growth of knowledge and according to the user’s feedback. We strive to bring you the up to date practical knowledge, techniques, research and technology. You are to be part of the VML international community for sharing the knowledge, practicing the method and improving speech skills of the children and adults with Apraxia of speech.


Please visit our website at http://yaelcenter.com and the MYVML Evaluate platform for using the evaluation software.