About MYVML train

The vision of the VML method is to enable every family or therapist world-wide the knowledge of the VML system. This type of knowledge is usually being taught in small training classes of speech therapists. The VML method targets other populations as well like parents, other allied health professions, behavior analysts, educators and more, which can use the knowledge effectively based on our experience over the years.

 In order to reach those millions of potential beneficiaries of the VML knowledge, the in-person trainings are not enough, therefore we have developed the MYVML online platform.

The MYVML Train platform is training system for the VML method knowledge. The brand MYVML means placing the VML method at home or at the clinic, for maximal feasibility. This platform enables speech therapists, parents and other therapists, a quick, professional, organized, and cheap access the speech therapy knowledge for the treatment of Apraxia of speech.


The MYVML training platform consist of various trainings in different languages to fit your needs. The main training course is the “Full VML training” which can certify a VML therapist. 

In addition, there are courses built from sections of the full VML training, courses based on previous zoom training and more. 

The MYVML Train platform collaborates with the MYVML Evaluate platform. In the evaluation platform you will be able to produce a professional treatment program based on the speech data you will enter into the platform. The treatment program will include topics and exercises to practice. If you want to learn about each topic in depth, theoretically and practically, it is highly advised for you to take the MYVML train courses.

 The MYVML train platform is renewing and growing. The existing lessons are being modified and changed with the growth of knowledge and according to the user’s feedback. We strive to bring you the up-to-date practical knowledge, techniques, research, and technology. You are to be part of the VML international community for sharing the knowledge, practicing the method, and improving speech skills of the children and adults with Apraxia of speech.

Please visit our website at http://yaelcenter.com and the MYVML Evaluate platform for using the evaluation software.